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Important Tips for Buying a Water Filter For Under the Kitchen Sink

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Putting a water filter through the pipes under your kitchen sink can mean clean water for cooking and food prep, not to mention for drinking! Many city water supplies are relatively clean but certain contaminants are still often found in drinking water; the right filter can get your water even cleaner before it reaches the tap, making it taste better and ensuring it’s healthy. Note a few important tips for choosing a water filter for your home’s kitchen sink before you start to shop. 1. Know what’s in your water Filters for under your kitchen sink will have different cartridges in order to trap different types of contaminants. Some filters are meant to get out a chlorine smell and taste, whereas others are made to remove lead or certain bacteria. To get the right filter for your home, you need to know what’s in your water. It’s good to have a water sample tested at a lab; you can usually call a lab and ask for a kit to be sent to you. This may include a small vial you use for the water and a quick questionnaire that will tell them why the water is being tested. Once you know what’s in the water, you’ll know what type of filter to buy for the kitchen sink. 2. Multiple cartridges If you can’t have your water tested for any reason or want to ensure that you remove as many contaminants as possible, you might simply choose a filter with multiple cartridges. These models may be more expensive but they run the water through a number of different filters so that they remove as many harmful elements as possible, rather than just one. This can give you the cleanest water and also ensure that you’re removing whatever contaminants are present. 3. Installation If your kitchen sink pipes have been soldered, you may need a professional to install the filter for you as they may need to cut the plumbing lines to have them run through the filter. If you install the filter on your own, you’ll need to screw it to the wall nearest the cold water line, so be prepared with the right tools for drilling into a cabinet or wall. It can also be good to invest in what are called flex lines, which are stainless steel lines, rather than using plastic lines that are often included in a filter kit. These flex lines are more durable and may reduce the risk of plumbing leaks from the filter under your...

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Considerations When Selecting Event Catering Services

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Planning an event can be a stressful affair. More so if all the logistics are dependent on you because you are not using an event planner. No matter what ceremony you are holding, catering is an important aspect to consider. The quality and quantity of the food available can make or break your event. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when in search of event catering to ensure that your party is a success. Establish the availability of the catering service Typically, most catering companies will work over the weekends, as this is when most events are held. However, you have to consider that some companies may not work on regular weekdays such as Monday and Tuesday when the event business is slow. When booking your catering company, it is best to establish when their working hours are to ensure your event date coincides with this. Another thing to consider when it comes to availability is the deadline for payments. Some catering companies may be strict about the amount of deposit they expect as well as when they would like their full amount paid off. Missing their payment schedule could result in a no-show for your event, and this could happen simply because you were not clear about your payment deadlines. Lastly, when ascertaining availability, you should also consult with the venue that you plan to host the event at. Some venues may have their own preferred list of caterers and may not allow you to choose your own. On the other hand, they may accept your caterers but not allow any cooking on site. All these factors should be considered when establishing availability. Establish your budget Most people will know that knowing your budget beforehand is essential. However, not many people may realize how the budget can affect the portions of food available. A common mistake amateur event planners make is informing the catering service about their budget and then simply agreeing on the number of plates that should be catered for. When discussing your budget with the catering service, ensure you establish what portions it will cover. If the portions are too small, you may have to adjust your budget accordingly or prune the number of guests you expect to host. When discussing your budget, also inquire about what inclusions and exclusions to expect. Do not take it for granted that accessories such as napkins, bottled water and more will automatically be included into the final budget. Keep these tips in mind as you contact event catering companies in your area, and you’ll be able to find the right caterer for your...

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Surprising Times to Opt for Pizza Delivery

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Having a pizza delivered is a popular option for a Friday night when you’re tired from a long week at work, but today, many families and individuals are finding that pizza is a good choice for a variety of times, and not just for the kids either. One reason for this is that pizza is now available in a wide range of varieties and is not the greasy family fare that you might assume. Consider a few surprising times when you might opt for pizza delivery and why it can be such a good choice. 1. For a themed party When you have a themed party, you might want food that fits that theme; for instance, your tropical luau might include roasted pork and pineapple or your Mexican theme might include tacos and burritos. Well, why not include a pizza with the right toppings for your theme? A tropical party might mean ham and pineapple and your Mexican theme might include ground beef and cheddar cheese. Not only will the pizza fit your theme, but it can mean less work in the kitchen for you as the host. 2. For a more formal event If you’re hosting a more formal event such as a wedding in your home, you might still opt for pizza delivery. A thin crust pizza with fresh tomato and roasted vegetables, sliced into very small pieces, can be a great appetizer or side dish. Square cut pizzas may look more like a main course and not finger food, so you might opt for a wood fired square cut pizza with light toppings for your event. Your guests may appreciate the unique dish, and it won’t seem too casual for the occasion. 3. For when you have a variety of visitors One challenge you might face when you’re feeding a crowd is that everyone seems to have a certain dietary restriction that needs to be respected. One person might be a vegetarian, while another person follows a gluten-free diet. And on top of catering to these restrictions, you need to make sure there is enough for everyone. When you order pizza for a crowd, you can usually have a variety that fits everyone’s needs. One pizza can have a gluten-free crust, and a pizza with just onions and peppers can make the vegetarian happy. A pizza with everything can feed the hungriest of your guests, and even with all this variety, you don’t need to cook several dishes, but only need to make one phone call to a nearby pizza place! Contact a professional pizzeria like Valentino’s Woodfire Pizzeria & Restaurant to ask about their dietary and delivery...

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Exploring Traditional Sichuan Cuisine

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The Sichuan province in Southern China is home to a style of cooking that’s rich in spices and fresh vegetables. The cuisine is served in restaurants across Australia, but dishes are often modified to suit Western palates. It’s worth seeking out traditional Sichuan dishes for a real taste of the region and to experience the unique flavour combinations on offer. Here’s an overview of the cooking style and a few traditional Sichuan dishes to look out for: Cooking Style Sichuan dishes are often hot and sour thanks to the frequent use of chillies, garlic and Sichuan pepper, which is a spice with a citrusy flavour that can numb the mouth. Other common spices include ginger and star anise, and dishes often contain or come with pickled vegetables, which add to the sourness. Pork is the meat most commonly used, but beef, chicken, organ meats, and tofu are also popular. Dishes are often steamed or stir-fried and rice flour or cornflour is used to coat meat before cooking and to create thick sauces. 4 Traditional Sichuan Dishes These traditional Sichuan dishes are worth seeking out: Sichuan Hotpot This dish is perfect comfort food and is often served at family gatherings. The base is a rich broth flavoured with Sichuan pepper, ginger, bean paste, chillies, and a variety of mushrooms, so it’s very spicy and earthy. Slices of meat are added to the broth, and you can choose whatever type of meat you like. Chicken, pork and organ meats such as kidney are popular in this dish, and it’s served with a garnish of spring onions and bean sprouts. Mapo Tofu This kind of tofu is served in a chilli, garlic and fermented soy bean sauce and is traditionally topped with ground pork and served with rice. This dish also contains water chestnuts and mushrooms and is delicious with steamed greens such as pak choy. If you’re vegetarian, simply ask for the pork to be left out of the dish. Mala Chicken This dish consists of chicken pieces marinated with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and ginger before being coated in cornflour and fried with whole red chillies and Sichuan pepper. Mala chicken is a dish for those who can handle heat and perfect for warming you up on a cold evening. The stir-fried chicken and chillies are garnished with sesame seeds before being served, and the dish is best enjoyed with sir-fried vegetables and rice. Spicy Aubergine and Pork Smoky aubergines are stir-fried with ground pork in a sauce of chicken broth, chilli paste, soy, hot bean sauce, and rice vinegar to create a dish that’s filling and packed with flavour. This dish pairs well with Sichuan green beans, which are sautéed with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and Sichuan pepper. These are just a few of the delicious dishes Sichuan cuisine has to offer. Next time you eat out at a Chinese restaurant like Sun Wah Restaurant & Function Centre, ask your server to point out any Sichuan dishes on their...

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Baking until dawn? It’s time to start outsourcing the job of making cakes to stock your cafe

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As a cafe owner you are often busy enough with day-to-day administration of your cafe and staff without also needing to find time to bake cakes. Here are some great reasons to use a wholesale cake manufacturer rather than spending hours baking yourself: Proven recipes As cake wholesalers have a range of stores that they have supplied to they already know which recipes and flavours tend to be big sellers in local cafes. This can save you needing to experiment to find the most popular recipes for your store. Not to mention the fact that proven recipes and cooking conditions means you won’t be dealing with burnt or undercooked cakes like you might be as you get used to the oven in your own store. You only need to pay for the cakes that look and taste up the to agreed standard – helping to further reduce the stress of being a small cafe owner! Efficiency Instead of spending time baking you can spend that time optimising the rest of the menu and the store operations. These functions cannot be outsourced and have a much higher impact on the overall success of your store than selling cakes, which are cooked on site. Not needing to have an oven on site also means you can operate with a smaller property, which can reduce your rent or maximise the number of tables you can have in the same space. This will optimise operating efficiency of your cafe. Profit margins While wholesale cake manufacturers incorporate a profit margin into their pricing, their great economies of scales means that wholesale manufacturers buy ingredients cheaper, and make larger batches leading to lower unit prices compared to the cost of making your own cafe cakes. This can help keep your profit margin healthy and your business to stay viable in challenging business environments. Food safety As wholesale manufacturers have systems in place to monitor food safety there is less chance of your food going off, or inadvertently causing a food poisoning issue. This helps ensure that your reputation stays spotless and focussed on the positive aspects of your store. Outsourcing the baking of cakes for your cafe to a wholesale cake bakery can be an effective and efficient way to run a small business. It allows you to focus of other aspects of running the business and maximising productivity. Isn’t it time to focus on the important things and outsource your cake making? Contact a company such as Cookies and More to learn...

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3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Perfect Seating Spot In A Restaurant

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Choosing to eat out is a great way to sample a new eatery or to treat friends or family. The break from the usual dinner table setting also makes restaurant dining a great way to bond and have a great time over a meal. One of the things you have to do when making your way to a restaurant is to decide where to sit. This decision goes a long way in determining the quality of accommodation your party enjoys while at the establishment. In general, there are several quick decisions that you have to make at this time to determine your perfect seating spot. These are: Choosing seats with a view or enclosed seating? In any given restaurant, there are seats that are located next to windows, balconies or display walling. These seats are exposed to the outdoors and hold a great view. In contrast, there are seats that have no view and are simply located next to walling. If you’re having a casual time out, a view is always great to have. It provides the occasional break to spot something fun unfolding outside. For more serious meets, however, enclosed seating provides privacy and allows your party to interact without distractions. Lounge seating or single seating? When it comes to the actual seats, most restaurants have two types, comfy lounge seats or traditional single seats. Again, lounge seats are great for casual meet ups. They allow people to sit much closer to each other with less formality observed. They also allow flexible seating in terms of the number of people that can be accommodated. This is unlike single seats that only serve one person per unit. They are therefore a great option for large groups as you don’t have to pull seats from adjacent tables. Single seats, on the other hand are ideal for more formal occasions–when interacting with workmates, parents or business colleagues. Outside seating or indoor seating Another big factor to consider when eating out is whether to seat your party outside or inside. Each has its pros and cons. When it comes to enjoying a great view and enjoying an unrushed time, outdoor seating takes the prize. External seating areas also feature a cooler atmosphere, especially in the evening when the sun has gone down.  However, indoor seating has its perks in offering privacy and an air conditioned setting which makes it a reliable pick when the weather is unpredictable. An ideal seating position in a restaurant is great compliment to a great meal and a fine crowd. Consider the above factors next time you’re popping into a restaurant. For more information, contact a business such as Caffe...

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Five Ways Hiring Online Daycare Catering Can Help Your Daycare’s Bottom Line

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Outsourcing the cooking for your daycare can save you a significant amount of money. Wondering how online daycare catering can help your bottom line? Here is a look at the top five ways it can help you financially: 1. You don’t have to waste labour hours on cooking If you outsource your daycare’s catering needs, you don’t have to waste labour hours on cooking. Instead of having one of your caregivers step out of the classroom and into the kitchen, you can keep that employee on the daycare floor. If you are trying to maintain a certain balance of children to caregivers, being able to keep your workers out of the kitchen and with the kids can be essential. 2. You can accept children with special dietary needs more easily If you are struggling to fill your roster with enough children, it can help if you increase your ability to accept children with special dietary needs. That in turn can help your bottom line. Instead of turning away children who have peanut allergies, gluten sensitivities or vegan diets, you can accept these children and have the online daycare catering company cook for them. As these companies are specialists in child-friendly fare, they can cook for virtually anyone. 3. You can reduce your liability If you cook food for the children at your daycare and you accidentally leave the meat out too long, undercook the eggs or cross contaminate a peanut-free meal with nuts, you may be held liable for the mistake. If a suit is ever brought against you, it could be financially disasterous. When you outsource the task of cooking, however, you also shift the liability in large part from you to the catering company. 4. You don’t have to worry about kitchen inspections If you run a daycare, your kitchen may have to pass health and safety inspections. Jumping through hoops to pass inspections can cost money in equipment, repairs, cleaning and other matters. However, if a daycare catering company handles your cooking, you can avoid these costs.   5. You can easily adjust to changes If you run your own daycare kitchen, you have to artfully balance having enough food on hand and not wasting food. Unfortunately, it can be hard to balance shifts in attendance, which in turn can lead to wasting food and money. For example, if several children become ill and miss school, you may end up throwing out food and wasting it. If you hire an online daycare catering company, you can simply call them and let them know if you have extra students or fewer students than usual. They can adjust your order, and you don’t have to worry about buying too little food or wasting any. For more information, contact a company like Hearty Health....

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The Complete Compendium of Takeaway Pizza Second Day Reheating Methods

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Pizza is best served fresh right off the takeaway delivery car (like those from Pizza Inn Delivery) and onto your plate, but if you’ve ever had leftovers, you’ve probably faced the dreaded brittle crust or soggy microwave pizza. With Paper Towels or Parchment Paper If you’re heating your leftover pizza with a microwave, paper towels are your best friend. Take a few paper towels or parchment paper pieces and stack them on a microwave safe plate. Put the pizza on top, and set the microwave for 45 seconds with the setting on high. The paper towels will absorb the excess moisture caused by heating, as well as the grease that slides off the pizza due to the heat. If you’re unsatisfied repeat the process with some fresh towels. For a firmer crust, after this process let the pizza sit for 30 seconds and reheat it again for a few seconds. With a Dishware Tower If you want to prevent a brittle crust, this is what you need. Fill a ceramic mug two-thirds full of water and place the pizza plate on top of it. Just this will prevent a dry crust because the water will prevent the microwave environment from dehydrating the pizza. If you want your crust crispy and dry, just add a piece of parchment paper on the plate, and put the pizza on that. With a Skillet If you have a skillet handy, it’s a much more efficient method than microwave heating. Put your pizza slices in your skillet. Fold some foil in a circular dome shape and put it over the pizza. It will trap the heat and reflect it back to the toppings with trapping steam inside and making the pizza soggy. Heat for 4-5 minutes on medium heat. With a Toaster Oven This is an unorthodox but efficient method. Put your pizza on a plate with some tinfoil over it and place it inside your toaster oven with the same settings as for toast. With a Regular Oven Let the oven preheat to 350 degrees celsius and then place the pizza directly on the rack. Let it cook for 5 minutes and you’ll get pizza almost as delicious as if it were fresh! With a Grill Set your grill to high-warm and let it warm up for a few minutes. There’s no need to add any oil to the grate, so place the pizza directly on it. Let it cook for 6 minutes until the cheese is bubbly on top. Experiment with these methods and see what works best for you—you deserve delicious second day pizza...

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4 Ideas For Creating A Unique, Romantic Evening For Your Special Someone

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When it’s your turn to create a romantic evening for you and your special someone, you want to think about what you can do that’s unique and still enjoyable. Anyone can take their special someone to dinner at a local franchise restaurant and then a movie, but this can get dull if you visit the same places, see the same types of films and never try anything new. Consider some ideas on how to create a unique and romantic but very enjoyable evening for you and for your special someone. 1. Take a guided tour of your city You may love the city in which you live, but how much do you really know about it? A guided tour such as is offered for tourists can really open your eyes to museums, old churches and other buildings, as well as places in the city that you’ve overlooked. Using a guide can mean not having to worry about traffic or entrance fees, and can allow you both to relax and enjoy the sights. 2. Go to an amusement park Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do with your special someone is rediscover your inner child. An amusement park is a great way to laugh and enjoy all those rides you did when you were a kid, and a trip on the Ferris wheel is a surefire way to enjoy a beautiful sight of the city below you. 3. Go dancing Dancing is a great way to enjoy some romance and to get up and get active at the same time. To make your night very unique, try country line dancing or square dancing, or look for an old-fashioned ballroom and put on your very finest clothes. You and your partner are sure to enjoy an evening of dancing no matter the variety you choose. 4. Try a foreign restaurant If you still want to take your partner out for a romantic meal, try a foreign restaurant or something you’ve never had before. As an example, Indian food is very spicy and can get the heart beating faster and the blood flowing, and this is very good for romance! Many such restaurants have music and even dancers who work their way through the crowd, creating romance. Don’t fall back on the same boring restaurant or worse yet, a family restaurant that is rushed and busy and full of noisy children if you’re looking to set a romantic mood with your partner. Try a restaurant like Royal India Restaurant this time...

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Love Your Relationship: 3 Great 51st Date Ideas

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The 51st date is a magical milestone to reach. You’ve been together a long time and you know each other well. You’ve accepted each others’ flaws and reached a level of comfort where you no longer have to present the best side of yourself at all times. Great! Now, it’s time to start dating again. Going on your 51st date will give you an opportunity to reconnect, and to do all those activities that may have ended the relationship if you’d done them on the 1st date. 1. A Blind Dinner This can be done at a new restaurant you’ve wanted to try for a while, or an old favourite. Pick a meal for each other, and block your ears while your partner is ordering, so you don’t know what you’re eating until the meal arrives. The 51st date is the best time for this sort of game. You know what each other likes, so your partner’s choice will probably be something you’ll really enjoy, but may not have ordered for yourself. On a first date this sort of carry-on can end in disaster: What if he gets you something with anchovies? Unless you’re in a Hollywood rom-com, forcing down food you don’t like is not funny or sexy. Check out a restaurant like Currambine Bar & Bistro to try out this kind of date. 2. A Bike Tour Many people think this a great first date idea, and maybe it is if you’re Lance Armstrong. But most people have neither the fitness nor the pharmacology to look sexy during a full day in the saddle. On your 51st date you can huff and puff and sweat freely, and neither of you will be afraid to pull over to the side of the road and say those four unthinkable words you could never speak on a first date: I need a rest! 3. Visit An Art Gallery Forget learning interesting facts about the artists, or trying not to laugh while examining a particularly phallic-shaped statue. On your 51st date you can admit neither of you know anything about art and learn about the exhibitions together. You can read the brochures, learn all the interesting facts and you can laugh at that statue all you want! 1st dates are great when they go well. The giggles, the eye contact and the nervousness that precedes the possibility of a first kiss are some of the most exciting times in any relationship. But it’s time to stop longing to go back to the exciting beginning of your courtship, and instead appreciate the comfort and ease of a functional long-term relationship. It’s time to go on your 51st...

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