The 51st date is a magical milestone to reach. You've been together a long time and you know each other well. You've accepted each others' flaws and reached a level of comfort where you no longer have to present the best side of yourself at all times. Great! Now, it's time to start dating again. Going on your 51st date will give you an opportunity to reconnect, and to do all those activities that may have ended the relationship if you'd done them on the 1st date.

1. A Blind Dinner

This can be done at a new restaurant you've wanted to try for a while, or an old favourite. Pick a meal for each other, and block your ears while your partner is ordering, so you don't know what you're eating until the meal arrives. The 51st date is the best time for this sort of game. You know what each other likes, so your partner's choice will probably be something you'll really enjoy, but may not have ordered for yourself. On a first date this sort of carry-on can end in disaster: What if he gets you something with anchovies? Unless you're in a Hollywood rom-com, forcing down food you don't like is not funny or sexy. Check out a restaurant like Currambine Bar & Bistro to try out this kind of date.

2. A Bike Tour

Many people think this a great first date idea, and maybe it is if you're Lance Armstrong. But most people have neither the fitness nor the pharmacology to look sexy during a full day in the saddle. On your 51st date you can huff and puff and sweat freely, and neither of you will be afraid to pull over to the side of the road and say those four unthinkable words you could never speak on a first date: I need a rest!

3. Visit An Art Gallery

Forget learning interesting facts about the artists, or trying not to laugh while examining a particularly phallic-shaped statue. On your 51st date you can admit neither of you know anything about art and learn about the exhibitions together. You can read the brochures, learn all the interesting facts and you can laugh at that statue all you want!

1st dates are great when they go well. The giggles, the eye contact and the nervousness that precedes the possibility of a first kiss are some of the most exciting times in any relationship. But it's time to stop longing to go back to the exciting beginning of your courtship, and instead appreciate the comfort and ease of a functional long-term relationship. It's time to go on your 51st date.