As a cafe owner you are often busy enough with day-to-day administration of your cafe and staff without also needing to find time to bake cakes. Here are some great reasons to use a wholesale cake manufacturer rather than spending hours baking yourself:

Proven recipes

As cake wholesalers have a range of stores that they have supplied to they already know which recipes and flavours tend to be big sellers in local cafes. This can save you needing to experiment to find the most popular recipes for your store.

Not to mention the fact that proven recipes and cooking conditions means you won't be dealing with burnt or undercooked cakes like you might be as you get used to the oven in your own store. You only need to pay for the cakes that look and taste up the to agreed standard - helping to further reduce the stress of being a small cafe owner!


Instead of spending time baking you can spend that time optimising the rest of the menu and the store operations. These functions cannot be outsourced and have a much higher impact on the overall success of your store than selling cakes, which are cooked on site. Not needing to have an oven on site also means you can operate with a smaller property, which can reduce your rent or maximise the number of tables you can have in the same space. This will optimise operating efficiency of your cafe.

Profit margins

While wholesale cake manufacturers incorporate a profit margin into their pricing, their great economies of scales means that wholesale manufacturers buy ingredients cheaper, and make larger batches leading to lower unit prices compared to the cost of making your own cafe cakes. This can help keep your profit margin healthy and your business to stay viable in challenging business environments.

Food safety

As wholesale manufacturers have systems in place to monitor food safety there is less chance of your food going off, or inadvertently causing a food poisoning issue. This helps ensure that your reputation stays spotless and focussed on the positive aspects of your store.

Outsourcing the baking of cakes for your cafe to a wholesale cake bakery can be an effective and efficient way to run a small business. It allows you to focus of other aspects of running the business and maximising productivity. Isn't it time to focus on the important things and outsource your cake making?

Contact a company such as Cookies and More to learn more.