Having a pizza delivered is a popular option for a Friday night when you're tired from a long week at work, but today, many families and individuals are finding that pizza is a good choice for a variety of times, and not just for the kids either. One reason for this is that pizza is now available in a wide range of varieties and is not the greasy family fare that you might assume. Consider a few surprising times when you might opt for pizza delivery and why it can be such a good choice.

1. For a themed party

When you have a themed party, you might want food that fits that theme; for instance, your tropical luau might include roasted pork and pineapple or your Mexican theme might include tacos and burritos. Well, why not include a pizza with the right toppings for your theme? A tropical party might mean ham and pineapple and your Mexican theme might include ground beef and cheddar cheese. Not only will the pizza fit your theme, but it can mean less work in the kitchen for you as the host.

2. For a more formal event

If you're hosting a more formal event such as a wedding in your home, you might still opt for pizza delivery. A thin crust pizza with fresh tomato and roasted vegetables, sliced into very small pieces, can be a great appetizer or side dish. Square cut pizzas may look more like a main course and not finger food, so you might opt for a wood fired square cut pizza with light toppings for your event. Your guests may appreciate the unique dish, and it won't seem too casual for the occasion.

3. For when you have a variety of visitors

One challenge you might face when you're feeding a crowd is that everyone seems to have a certain dietary restriction that needs to be respected. One person might be a vegetarian, while another person follows a gluten-free diet. And on top of catering to these restrictions, you need to make sure there is enough for everyone. When you order pizza for a crowd, you can usually have a variety that fits everyone's needs. One pizza can have a gluten-free crust, and a pizza with just onions and peppers can make the vegetarian happy. A pizza with everything can feed the hungriest of your guests, and even with all this variety, you don't need to cook several dishes, but only need to make one phone call to a nearby pizza place! Contact a professional pizzeria like Valentino's Woodfire Pizzeria & Restaurant to ask about their dietary and delivery options.