When it's your turn to create a romantic evening for you and your special someone, you want to think about what you can do that's unique and still enjoyable. Anyone can take their special someone to dinner at a local franchise restaurant and then a movie, but this can get dull if you visit the same places, see the same types of films and never try anything new. Consider some ideas on how to create a unique and romantic but very enjoyable evening for you and for your special someone.

1. Take a guided tour of your city

You may love the city in which you live, but how much do you really know about it? A guided tour such as is offered for tourists can really open your eyes to museums, old churches and other buildings, as well as places in the city that you've overlooked. Using a guide can mean not having to worry about traffic or entrance fees, and can allow you both to relax and enjoy the sights.

2. Go to an amusement park

Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do with your special someone is rediscover your inner child. An amusement park is a great way to laugh and enjoy all those rides you did when you were a kid, and a trip on the Ferris wheel is a surefire way to enjoy a beautiful sight of the city below you.

3. Go dancing

Dancing is a great way to enjoy some romance and to get up and get active at the same time. To make your night very unique, try country line dancing or square dancing, or look for an old-fashioned ballroom and put on your very finest clothes. You and your partner are sure to enjoy an evening of dancing no matter the variety you choose.

4. Try a foreign restaurant

If you still want to take your partner out for a romantic meal, try a foreign restaurant or something you've never had before. As an example, Indian food is very spicy and can get the heart beating faster and the blood flowing, and this is very good for romance! Many such restaurants have music and even dancers who work their way through the crowd, creating romance. Don't fall back on the same boring restaurant or worse yet, a family restaurant that is rushed and busy and full of noisy children if you're looking to set a romantic mood with your partner. Try a restaurant like Royal India Restaurant this time instead.