Planning an event can be a stressful affair. More so if all the logistics are dependent on you because you are not using an event planner. No matter what ceremony you are holding, catering is an important aspect to consider. The quality and quantity of the food available can make or break your event. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when in search of event catering to ensure that your party is a success.

Establish the availability of the catering service

Typically, most catering companies will work over the weekends, as this is when most events are held. However, you have to consider that some companies may not work on regular weekdays such as Monday and Tuesday when the event business is slow. When booking your catering company, it is best to establish when their working hours are to ensure your event date coincides with this.

Another thing to consider when it comes to availability is the deadline for payments. Some catering companies may be strict about the amount of deposit they expect as well as when they would like their full amount paid off. Missing their payment schedule could result in a no-show for your event, and this could happen simply because you were not clear about your payment deadlines.

Lastly, when ascertaining availability, you should also consult with the venue that you plan to host the event at. Some venues may have their own preferred list of caterers and may not allow you to choose your own. On the other hand, they may accept your caterers but not allow any cooking on site. All these factors should be considered when establishing availability.

Establish your budget

Most people will know that knowing your budget beforehand is essential. However, not many people may realize how the budget can affect the portions of food available. A common mistake amateur event planners make is informing the catering service about their budget and then simply agreeing on the number of plates that should be catered for. When discussing your budget with the catering service, ensure you establish what portions it will cover. If the portions are too small, you may have to adjust your budget accordingly or prune the number of guests you expect to host.

When discussing your budget, also inquire about what inclusions and exclusions to expect. Do not take it for granted that accessories such as napkins, bottled water and more will automatically be included into the final budget.

Keep these tips in mind as you contact event catering companies in your area, and you'll be able to find the right caterer for your event.